Learn from the best so you can teach the rest.

At Hawkefest, we aim to host the best and brightest in the e-commerce community. Every guest that will be joining us has been integral in the growth and success of a company. The majority of what we’ll be doing throughout the day at Hawkefest is interactive, collaborative, and solves real challenges. We invite those who have hustled to innovate and built strong businesses to shape the future of this industry with us on October 5th, 2017.

Requirements: Must be an executive in an e-commerce company with $5 million in yearly revenue or more. Be ready to have fun and learn.


Included in ticket price:  3 leadership sessions  |  Breakfast buffet  |  20 interactive discussions to choose from  |  Lunch  |  Curated gift bags  |  Seated dinner  |  Complimentary bar  |  Surprise musical performance   |  Immersive experiences

Please take a few minutes to submit your application to attend below.  You will not be charged for your ticket until we have approved your application.